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  • 148th Deploys to Elmendorf Air Force Base

    While approximately 50 personnel were returning from a 3-month long Pacific Air Force (PACAF) Air Sovereignty Alert mission at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii; another group of personnel were planning their next adventure in a very different place. The Air Force requested the 148th Fighter Wing by name to support North American Aerospace Defense
  • 148th Fighter Wing deploys to support Operation Noble Eagle

    The 148th Fighter Wing based in Duluth, MN deploys to Hickam Air Force Base (AFB), Hawaii on November 9th, 2007 in support of Operation Noble Eagle (ONE). The 148th will provide aircraft and personnel to stand-up a second Air Sovereignty Alert (ASA) site in the Pacific Command (PACOM). Though in a different Command Region, the mission the 148th
  • 185 feet up in the air and only 1 way down

    Like spiders riding down a thread of silk, air traffic controllers here rappelled down a 185-foot control tower and learned a skill that could one day save their lives. For the controllers of the 447th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron, working in the Baghdad International Airport tower provides a great vantage point for controlling