148th Fighter Wing Mission Brief 1948 - 2018

148th Fighter Wing Mission Brief 1948 - 2018

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WANTED: F-16 PILOTS The Minnesota Air National Guard’s 148th Fighter Wing is looking for 1-2 experienced F-16 pil… https://t.co/0KoKGp16B8
Command Sergeant Major Douglas Wortham, featured guest speaker of the 148th Fighter Wing’s February “Bulldog Leader… https://t.co/eykAvpNEU0
On Five Publication, Sept. 1989 "A Proud Tradition" End of an Era "It's been called the Link Trainer, the simula… https://t.co/hKU7e5KCgo
On Five Publication, Jan. 1976 Effective January 10, 1976 the Minnesota Air National Guard, Duluth, becomes the 14… https://t.co/Cnfeu5N887
Putting the Word Out The first "On Five" Publication, Nov. 1960 In the air defense business the term "On Five" de… https://t.co/pNSWP0UqBI
September 11, 2001 A letter submitted to the unit from area resident P.R. Wild "I stood in the driveway to watch… https://t.co/qGgHTzxRBA
The first (and only) 148th Fighter Group News, Sept/Oct. 1960 Another significant change to becoming the 148th Fig… https://t.co/6yx7Kqnmhj
The 179th F.I.S. Starfire News, June 1956 "We are a unit and work as a team. Each officer and airman is "Key" in… https://t.co/Bkz1O9LZFm
What a great way to start the #weekend! #WelcomeHome to members of the Minnesota National Guard, 148th Fighter Wing… https://t.co/gsoP1elGXb
Members of the 148th Fighter Wing volunteer to pick up trash along MN highway 194. Volunteers from the 148th have… https://t.co/5Cughs3dgy
The 148th Fighter Wing will be conducting afternoon and night flying training over Duluth and Southern... https://t.co/ubaWZOV34D
This beautiful snowy owl was on the airfield this past week. She was safely captured and brought to the forest... https://t.co/2OdUd94lYu
Check out our 148th Fighter Wing Firefighters in action during a search and rescue training exercise!
A fun morale team boosting competition by the 148th Fighter Wing's Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) raised... https://t.co/y9TEwqAN8G
Congratulations to our 148th Fighter Wing Airman of the Year award winners! Company Grade Officer: 1st Lt. Ben... https://t.co/fuwwwKEkrN
The current Minnesota Identification Card will no longer grant access to Department of Defense installations.... https://t.co/CTAkMeczxl
The 148th Fighter Wing was excited share information about our organization and career opportunities to the young... https://t.co/ISLvUp2x98
Congratulations to our 148th Fighter Wing Intel Team for being recognized as a PACAF Theater Security Package... https://t.co/5i7u5dW0ZH
Welcome home bulldogs!

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