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On September 17, 1948, a small group of 50 men were mustered in on the flight line of the Duluth municipal airport to become the nucleus of the newly formed Air National Guard unit-the 179th Fighter Squadron. This new unit came under control of the 133rd Fighter Wing located in the Twin Cities until July 1, 1960 when the 148th Fighter Group was formed. Today, the base is located at the Duluth International Airport, adjacent to a 10,000-foot runway.  Newer buildings include a motor vehicle complex, a remodeled headquarters facility, sound suppresser facility, clinic, dining hall, new Composite Maintenance Facility and a new Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants (POL) facility. Currently, the 148th Fighter Wing flies the newest and most capable F-16 in the Air Force inventory, the Block 50. With the arrival of the Block 50's in 2010 came a new mission; Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD). A lot of training and work went into becoming qualified in this new mission and on April 1, 2012 the 148th declared "full operational capability" in the SEAD mission.

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http://www.tricare.mil/   (148th Fighter Wing POC Tech Sgt. Jill Haapala (218)-788-7212)


Your sponsor plays a key role in your new assignment.  He or she can help you with everything from in-processing to finding adequate housing.  Sponsors are valuable sources of information in helping resolve any problems you encounter.  UPON RECEIVING YOUR ORDERS, PLEASE CALL MRS. JENNIFER KUHLMAN, THE AIRMAN & FAMILY READINESS PROGRAM MANAGER AT (218)-788-7833 (DSN: 825-7833) OR CHIEF MASTER SGT. WENDY GUNDERSON, FORCE SUPPORT SQUADRON SUPERINTENDENT AT (218)-788-7330 TO RECEIVE YOUR WELCOME PACKET AND TO BE ASSIGNED A SPONSOR.